Colorado Jews for a Just Peace

Anna Baltzer is returning to Boulder to present a talk titled "Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos." Her presentation is based on her experiences with the International Women's Peace Service in Palestine.


  • Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006 -- Potluck at 6pm, presentation at 7pm. Location: the Arborwood Condominium Clubhouse, (Stuart Chase's) 3250 O'Neal Parkway, Boulder. (see directions below).
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2006 -- 7pm., at CU-Boulder, in MCDB A2B70 (the Molecular Biology building, next to Muenzinger Psychology, near Folsom Stadium). See Sideways Map (MCDB).

Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Colorado Jews for a Just Peace, and the Activist Potluck.

Info about Anna: Anna Baltzer is a 27-year-old Jewish-American Columbia graduate, Fulbright Scholar, and two-time volunteer with the International Women's Peace Service, a human rights organization based in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She has spent most of the year on tour around the U.S. with a presentation and book documenting her personal experiences, observations, and photographs of six months in the West Bank supporting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent resistance against the Occupation. Her presentation covers — among other things — checkpoints, settlements, Israeli activism, environmental issues, the Wall, and the often unreported Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement. Also visit

Directions to Arborwood Condos Clubhouse: North of Valmont Road, from 30th Street, turn east on O'Neal "Parkway" (which is one block north of Glenwood). Then turn right at O'Neal Circle. Go about halfway around the circle and you'll see the clubhouse in the center, next to the pool. MapQuest (almost correct, 'X' is not quite right).

Judiasm isn't about real estate
  Call for just peace isn't anti-Israel
  CJJP Op-Ed published in the Boulder Daily Camera
  June 23, 2002

CJJP ad published in the Boulder Sunday Camera, 11-24-2002
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Colorado Jews for a Just Peace is a Jewish organization formed in response to the escalating violence in the Middle East, and holding as our basic principles the ideals of compassion, social justice, and the value of every human life. We believe that the route to peace for the Israelis and the Palestinians must include:

  1. Israel's withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, including withdrawal from the settlements,
  2. The establishment of a sovereign, territorially viable Palestinian state, and
  3. Strong security guarantees for both states.

Recommended reading (available here in PDF): From Jew to Jew -- Why we should oppose the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, March 2002, an 8-page article from the San Francisco-based Jewish Voice for Peace

See the Colorado Daily article  about the formation of CJJP (5-14-2002)

Visit the Perspectives on Peacemaking website.


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